Ryan St. Germain

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à l’instant

The doors to the balcony stood open, inviting the night air inside. I sat in the chair in I’d placed in front of them and Emily was on my lap. The street below us was quiet; no horses or cars or people could be heard. I looked out at the single street light and slid a hand between her legs, feeling the warmth of her bare back against my chest. It was still summer in New Orleans, but late enough in the season that the night brought some reprieve from the heat.

I pressed my lips to her neck and glanced over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching. We were just inside the doorway so people from below wouldn’t see us but there were many windows that might have given a clear view of what was happening. A light breeze blew through the tree that hung over the tiny street and it shook the leaves, which rustled gently providing the only sound I could hear other than Emily breathing.

She sank back against me and asked me if she could come; I didn’t answer her right away. I felt her body tense and her leg tremble as she pressed her toes into the old, worn wood floors. I whispered into her ear and she shook, crumpling in to me.

The clouds that crept slowly in front of the moon were a vibrant white against the dark blue of the midnight sky; I looked at them as I took measure again of the feeling of her body against mine. I held her in my arms and she rested against me, breathing heavily, trying to find herself again. I kissed her cheek when she turned it toward me and I wanted that moment to stretch on forever.