Ryan St. Germain

Monthly Archive: January 2017


Blue and green lights shined up from beneath the surface, into the winter night and through the steam, which the wind lifted off of the water.  The grey of the fog and the colors from the lights bled together as they shrouded her, wrapping her in a mist that felt warm and safe from the snow and the ice that surrounded the water. The night sky was clear except for the occasional small, harmless cloud that swirled by, carried swiftly away on the winds.

The fog thinned and I could see the corners of her mouth turned up as she looked at me. When it enveloped her again, I carried that notion of her smiling in my head, transposing it on to the silhouette that was before me.

Music played in the background, softly, innocuously, blending in with the sounds of running water, underscoring the tableau as it unfolded in front of me. I leaned my head back against the cold metal rail and realized that the water in my hair had frozen when it crunched against the bar.

I sat against the edge of the pool a few feet away from where she waded, watching her, fascinated by everything the I already knew about her and by the prospect of all the things that I have not yet discovered. She pushed herself away from the edge and I lost her among the  shadows of other people in the brume.

The warmth of the water was a stark contrast to the feel of the wind on my cheeks. I stood up and felt the chill crawl across my wet arms and chest as I looked out at the stars. Closing my eyes for a moment, I tried to recount where each distant light I’d seen was in the nights sky above as I waited for the cold to spread over my body. When it had, I sank back into the warm water again, feeling the pins and needles of heat as it penetrated the chill that had settled on my skin.

She swam toward me through the mist, a swirl of darkness in a pool of light, her eyes like stars that I could find my way home by and her kiss told me that I was already there.