Ryan St. Germain


“My favorite spot as a teenager was the video store. I would spend hours in there,” she said. “I took home the cardboard cutout from ‘Mobsters’ because I had a huge crush on Christian Slater”.

“Who didn’t” I answered.

“When I was a teenager I spent pretty much every cent of the minimum wage I earned washing dishes and as a prep cook at the dollar cinema across the street from where I lived. I was there all the time and they would give me the old movie posters when the movies weren’t playing any more.” I told her.

I thought of the shiny movie posters peeling away from the tape on the walls of my room at my dad’s place when I was a teenager. I remember looking up at the curling edges of ‘Cinema Paradiso’ at night, having missed it when it played and wondering what it was about. Years later I would see it and the montage of movie kisses cut that were cut by the priest all strung together at the end would land on me like a heavy stone in shallow water.

Receiving the laminated movie rental card that I used to rent horror films and foreign movies was a right of passage and the three-for-one rentals during the week ensured that I was exposed to as much of the world as was humanly possible during the summer months in the tiny Michigan town that I was living in.

In my head I pictured her in that tiny video store wandering in the next aisle as I distractedly tried to pick out a movie and I felt like we would have gravitated toward each then too.

“I guess it’s pretty safe to say that had I crossed paths with you as a teenager I would have been as into you then as I am now” I said and she blushed.

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